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Rewards you can earn

Get rewards for focusing on your health. As a part of our efforts to empower self-care, members have access to our Aetna Better Care TM program. You can start earning with healthy activities, like wellness checkups and more.

Questions about rewards?

Just call Member Services at 1-855-242-0802 (TTY: 711). We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I earn rewards?

How do I earn rewards?

You can earn rewards for completing preventive care. This is the best way to keep you and your family healthy. Everyone needs regular checkups and health screenings. They can give you peace of mind that you’re as healthy as you feel. They can also help your provider find any health problems early, when they’re easier to treat.


There is no extra cost for preventive care. Better yet, we reward you for taking steps to be healthier. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals and live a healthy life.

Earn gift cards

You can earn gift cards for each healthy step you complete. So it really does pay to check on your health.


  • $15: Get your mammogram every year from ages 50 to 74 to screen for breast cancer
  • $15 for completing a cervical cancer screening for members 21-64
  • $15 for completing a colon cancer screening for members 45+
  • $20 for receiving a blood sugar test with an HbA1c result less than 8% for members 21+ living with diabetes

Wellness visits


  • $10 for all members who complete a Health Needs Assessment (HNA) within 90 days of enrollment
  • $15 for members ages 0-30 months for completion of eight well child visits within first 30 months of life
  • $20 Complete your wellness visit once a year (ages 3 to 20)
  • Members diagnosed with sickle cell anemia $25 for attending an appointment with either a PCP or hematologist
  • Members diagnosed with sickle cell anemia $5 for attending subsequent appointments with a PCP or hematologist



  • $5: Get your flu shot once a year for members age 2+

Pregnancy and birth care


  • $25: Complete the notice of pregnancy (PDF) and go to your first prenatal visit with your provider (all within the first trimester)
  • $10/visit: Complete up to 10 follow-up prenatal visits (after your first one)
  • $25: Go to your postpartum visit with your provider up to 12 weeks (or 84 days) after birth
  • $20: Go to your first and second dental visit during pregnancy (for members aged 18 and older)


High-risk pregnancy members: You can also get up to $100 each quarter for childcare costs to help you complete your doctor visits.




$10 for one refill every 6 months on approved medications for blood pressure, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and mental health (antipsychotics)


  • $10 Members 21+ for blood pressure mediation refill
  • $10 Members 6-12 who attend their medication appointment and fill/refill their ADHD medication
  • $10 Members 18+ for antipsychotic medication refill
  • $10 for filling a sickle cell related medication for members diagnosed with sickle cell anemia    



Do I need to sign up for rewards?

No need to sign up. But you must be a member for one year before you’re eligible for rewards.

Help with preventive care

Need help making an appointment? Or finding a ride there? Call us at 1-855-242-0802 (TTY: 711).

Delivery and rules

Delivery and rules

Once you’ve completed each healthy step, you’ll want to call us to claim your gift card. 


Just remember, you won’t be able to use gift cards for products that can cause health risks, like alcohol, tobacco or firearms.

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